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Quality and cost-effective production are the main focus of business organisation.
System of business reorganisation is improved by inclusion of additional capacities in case of urgent and undelayable orders.
By instalation and application of high quality program support from entry of materials to analysis of output products,the monitoring of production is enabled in a real time.

- Modern equiped studio
- CTP device of high line screens raster and "Guilloche" option
- Own production of printing forms
- Digital soft proofing print, specially callibrated for each print device.

- UV Offset
- UV Bookprint
- Flexo (UV or watercolors)
- Print control and tint values with spectrodesintometer
- CRYSTALPRESS system with highly precised print
- Authomatic devices for video control and digital recording of print quality.

- Gold printing
- Blind printing
- Numeration
- Hologram
- Numeration by ink-jet system
- Camera for all types codes control
- Digital verification and inspection of label presence
- Thermal transfer printers of high speed and capacities for variable data printing
(barcode, QR code, Datamatrix code, numeration etc.)
TRACK&TRACE system of following the material from a raw material to the final product.

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