Combining of the safety elements produce a safety label that cannot be unsticked from the product, or adulterated, clearly shows that the product is protected, and at the same time provides useful information about product, series of product and expiration date of product.
Safety labels are the most cost-effective means of product protection from adulteration, and number of combinations is unlimited.

Unavoidable system of protection of intellectual property and products tended to adulteration.
Elements of protection:
- Destructive material – it stratifies by lifting off, preventing it to be unsticked
- Void – material that contains hidden text, and on base and label leaves a print that shows the label was already removed
- Track & Trace – label can contain personalized data in form of barcode (QR, Datramatrix, numeration etc.)
- RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is method of authomatic contactless identification that contains holders and readers of bigger number of information
- Hologram – visible element that has protective and decorative function
- Microprint – optically visible elements “guilloche” that by accurate color print and elements protect the product
- Tagents – chemical and physical marker added to paper or color, and represents unvisible safety element read by specialised devices (readers).

Original products (either is about medicines, software, toys or spare parts) are exposed to adulteration. Safety labels are an excellent product and intellectual property protection system, enabling combination of few types of protection providing a simple and effective protection from adulteration.

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